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Investments in Existing Hydropower Unlock More Clean Energy

August 14, 2013

Hydropower has been providing Americans with reliable, affordable energy for more than a century. Yet while engineers have greatly improved hydropower technologies over the years, many U.S. dams and facilities have not been upgraded in decades.

To address this challenge, the Energy Department has invested in projects to upgrade the nation's existing hydropower facilities—helping to increase our supply of clean, renewable energy and provide more communities with affordable, reliable power.

The hydropower modernization projects in our list below are excellent examples of how upgrading existing hydropower facilities can add decades to their life spans, reduce environmental impacts, and generate even more clean energy for their communities. These projects were supported by $24.9 million in Energy Department investments under the Recovery Act.

Upgrades to existing hydroelectric facilities like these offer both communities and utilities the opportunity to make hydropower even more cost-effective, productive and environmentally friendly, as these facilities continue into their next century of service.

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