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President Bush Approves One-Year Energy Tax Credit Extension


DOE Requests $1.2 Billion for Office of Efficiency and Renewable Energy
Minnesota Enacts the Country's Strongest Renewable Requirement
U.S. Clean Energy Conferences may be Preludes to a Global Conference


New Mexico Mandates More Renewable Power and Helps to Transmit It
Colorado Doubles its Renewable Requirement and Aids Transmission
USDA Offers Clean Energy Grants and Loan Guarantees


Austin Energy Maintains U.S. Lead in Green Power Sales
FERC Approves a New Model for Financing Transmission Lines


PepsiCo Shifts to 100 Percent Green Power with Record Purchase
Companies Pursuing Ocean Power along the Northern U.S. Shores
EERE Encourages You to Take Our Web Site Survey
New Hampshire Enacts a Renewable Requirement with Solar Set-Asides
Minnesota Act Sets Efficiency and GHG Goals while Boosting Renewables


Oregon Requires 25 Percent Renewable Power by 2025
New System Will Certify Renewable Power Generation in the West


Pepsi Bottling Companies Join the Top U.S. Green Power Buyers
EIA: Renewable Energy Gained U.S. Market Share in 2005
North Carolina Sets a Requirement for 12.5% Renewable Power by 2021


Illinois Requires 25 Percent Renewable Power by 2025


ScottishPower Earns Approval for Record Wave Energy Project
New California Energy Acts Include Incentives for Solar Water Heating


Report: Global Renewable Energy Experiencing Double-Digit Growth
Renewable Energy Growth Boosted in New "Annual Energy Outlook"