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New Reports and Maps Show Riverine Hydrokinetic & OTEC Potential
Ocean Energy Projects Developing On and Off America's Shores


Energy Department, Treasury Announce Availability of $150 Million in Tax Credits for Clean Energy Manufacturers
Energy Department Launches New Database to Support Sustainable Development of Ocean Energy Resources
DOE Announces $10.5 Million for Small Business Research and Development in Clean Energy Technologies
DOE Grant Makes Innovative Hydropower Concept Happen
Survey Finds U.S. Rivers Could Provide 3% of Nation's Electricity
Oregon Adopts Guidelines for Marine Renewable Energy


DOE Announces $1.9 Million in Funding for Ocean Energy Environmental Effects Assessment and Monitoring


Water Power Program Releases Notice of Intent for MHK System Performance Advancement Opportunity
Water Power Program Releases Notice of Intent for Wave Energy Testing Infrastructure Development Opportunity
Top 10 Things You Didn't Know about Hydropower
New Report Assesses Potential Improvements to U.S. Hydropower Production
Current and Upcoming MHK Funding Opportunities
Energy Department Announces $13 Million to Advance Ocean Energy Technologies and Launches New Video on Water Power


Energy Department Offers $13 Million to Advance Ocean Energy Technologies
Report Assesses Potential U.S. Hydropower Upgrades


President Obama Touts Renewable Energy, Efficiency in Climate Plan
DOE Announces $1.5 Million in Funding for Development of Open Water Wave Testing Facility
Request for Information to Gather Information on Potential Wave Energy Converter Prize Administration


City of Tacoma Completes Major Hydropower Upgrade at Cushman Dam
President Obama Signs Two Bills to Boost Small Hydropower Projects
Investments in Existing Hydropower Unlock More Clean Energy
Energy Department Invests $16 Million to Harness Wave and Tidal Energy


U.S. Renewable Energy Generation Up in First Half of 2013: EIA
Energy Secretary Moniz Dedicates Clean Energy Research Center, New Supercomputer
DOE in the News: Tidal Power in Maine on PBS Newshour


Calling All Coders: Help Advance America’s Ocean Power Industry
Energy Department Announces $150 Million in Tax Credits to Invest in U.S. Clean Energy Manufacturing
Request for Information Regarding a Proposed Funding Opportunity for Administration of the Wave Energy Converter Prize