Department of Energy Releases Small Business Innovation Research Funding Opportunity Announcements

November 27, 2012

The Department of Energy released a series of Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Funding Opportunity Announcements (FOA).

In the area of Water Power development, the Department seeks to award funding for Marine and Hydrokinetic Energy and Hydropower Applications. 

Under Topic 9a, grant applications are sought to develop approaches that can advance wave and current energy technologies. Areas of interest include wave energy converters and energy conversion technologies for tidal, river, and ocean currents.  DOE will fund analytical studies of innovative concepts or projects that propose a sound but novel approach to a potentially important water power technology, science, or engineering breakthrough that can be applied to, or add to the portfolio of, innovative water power technologies. This can be a solution or an improvement to an existing component or system, or the pursuit of a new technology or system, with the principal focus on systems capable of producing utility-scale electricity. These concepts must demonstrate the potential for a 20% improvement in performance or cost relative to existing devices or technologies of similar function.

Under Topic 9b, proposals are sought that can dramatically reduce costs (e.g. substantially contribute to reducing the levelized 
cost of energy (LCOE)) and improve performance. Specifically, proposals are sought in the following four areas of interest: advanced coatings; water quality sensors; low-cost flow and velocity sensors; and small hydropower turbine-generator technology. 

More information about these funding opportunities can be found here.