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An Update on the National Offshore Wind Strategy

December 17, 2012

Off the shores of the United States and the Great Lakes is a power source with four times the energy potential of the entire U.S. electric power system: the wind.

Offshore winds blow stronger and more uniformly than on land, resulting in greater potential to generate energy. The development of the United States’ plentiful offshore wind resources could deliver large amounts of clean energy close to cities and towns ready to use it.

That’s why the Energy Department has been investing in the emerging industry of offshore wind energy. Guided by the Energy Department’s national offshore wind strategy, we’ve been supporting innovations that will reduce the costs and speed up the deployment of American-made offshore wind energy technologies designed for U.S. coastal conditions and provide valuable opportunities to test these innovations in real offshore environments.

And over these past months, there’s been a lot to talk about.

Assessing the potential, providing crucial data, offering funding and technical assistance, and facilitating technological innovation and deployment are all part of the Department’s ongoing strategy to bring affordable offshore wind energy to American consumers.

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