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Stay current on the news about the wind side of the Wind and Water Power Program and important wind energy events around the U.S. The Wind Program Newsletter highlights the key activities, events, funding opportunities, and resources each quarter that the program supports.

Below are more news stories related to both wind and water power from the U.S. Department of Energy, Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy, Wind and Water Power Program, and other federal agencies.

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News Archives - 2007


President Bush Approves One-Year Energy Tax Credit Extension
California Utility Signs Record 1,500-MW Wind Power Contract
NREL Upgrades Wind Turbine Test Capabilities
BP to Install 550 Megawatts of Wind Power in Four States
Clean Energy Investments More Than Double in 2006
U.S. Wind Power Capacity Grew 27 Percent in 2006


DOE Requests $1.2 Billion for Office of Efficiency and Renewable Energy
USDA Farm Bill Proposal Includes $1.6 Billion for Renewable Energy
DOE Budget Includes Loan Guarantees for Biofuels and Renewables
North Dakota and FPL Energy Announce Plans for 48-Megawatt Wind Farm
Global Wind Power Capacity Grew Nearly One-Third in 2006
Wind Farm in India is 500th Kyoto Project in a Developing Country
New Federal Rule Encourages Transmission Access for Renewable Energy
Continuing Resolution Boosts Funding for Efficiency, Renewable Energy
U.S. Clean Energy Conferences may be Preludes to a Global Conference
Five Western States Agree to Cut Greenhouse Gas Emissions
Minnesota Enacts the Country's Strongest Renewable Requirement


Four Wind Farm Agreements Approved by Idaho Public Utilities Commission
Partnership Opportunity for Advanced Wind Turbine Blade Test Facility Progresses
EU Agrees to Cut Greenhouse Emissions and Boost Clean Energy by 2020
New Mexico Mandates More Renewable Power and Helps to Transmit It
DOE Selects Missouri Cooperative as Wind Cooperative of the Year
Enhanced Search Tool Makes it Easier to Find Archived Articles
DOE Sets Spending Plan for $1.474 Billion in New EERE Funds
Growing U.S. Wind Industry Yields Two New Wind Blade Factories
Utah Governor Signs Renewable Energy Tax Credit Bill, Boosts Milford Wind Corridor Project
Segments 2 and 3 of Tehachapi Renewable Transmission Project Approved by California Public Utilities Commission
Colorado Doubles its Renewable Requirement and Aids Transmission
USDA Offers Clean Energy Grants and Loan Guarantees


Ohio Adopts Recommendations on Net Metering, Interconnection, and Renewable Energy Portfolio Standards
New 125-Megawatt Wind Farm Completed in Texas
Massachusetts Approves Cape Wind Offshore Wind Project
Austin Energy Maintains U.S. Lead in Green Power Sales
First Wind-Integrated High-Rise Under Construction in Bahrain
DOE Awards $8.2 Million for Hydrogen Storage Research
Texas Firms its Lead Over California in Wind Power Capacity
Governor of Massachusetts Mandates Conservation and More Use of Renewable Energy in State Facilities
Updated Tribal Energy Web Site Includes Project Development Guide
FERC Approves a New Model for Financing Transmission Lines
Rhode Island Wind Power Study Points to Offshore Resources


PepsiCo Shifts to 100 Percent Green Power with Record Purchase
IPCC Report Says Clean Energy Technologies Could Curb Climate Change
Study Notes Benefits of Wind Power but Calls for Guidelines
Wisconsin Public Service Commission Approves 98-Megawatt Wind Farm
Maine Creates Task Force to Boost Wind Power
Texas to Provide Two-Thirds of U.S. Wind Growth this Year
Thirty-One States and One Tribe Join New Climate Registry
Colorado Breaks Ground on Nation's Second-Largest Wind-Generating Facility
EIA: World Energy Use to Grow 57 Percent by 2030
Colorado Passes Eight Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Bills
Iowa Establishes a $100 Million Clean Energy Fund
Minnesota Act Sets Efficiency and GHG Goals while Boosting Renewables
DOE Releases First Annual Report on U.S. Wind Power Market


Sacramento Municipal Utility District Approves Energy Efficiency Goals that Exceed State Goals
EIA: U.S. Carbon Dioxide Emissions from Energy Use Declined in 2006
President Bush Calls for Global Greenhouse Gas Emissions Goals
Montana Creates Renewable Energy Tax Incentives
North Dakota Public Service Commission Authorizes Largest Wind Farm in State
G8 Leaders Agree to Set New Global Greenhouse Gas Goals
Nevada Passes Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Bills
New York Mayor Pushes Investment in Renewable Energy Projects
Wolverine Power Cooperative Agrees to Purchase Electricity from Michigan's First Commercial-Scale Wind Farm
Maine Enacts Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative
BP Report Sees High But Slowing Growth in World Energy Use
Oregon Requires 25 Percent Renewable Power by 2025
DOE Awards $4 Million to Two Wind Turbine Blade Test Facilities
Missouri Legislation Promotes Renewable Energy
New System Will Certify Renewable Power Generation in the West
Global Annual Investment in Renewable Energy Hits $100 Billion
China Now Leads in Total Carbon Dioxide Emissions, Says Report


Three Wind Facilities To Boost New York State's Wind Capacity by 70 Percent
New Jersey Commits to Greatly Reducing its Greenhouse Gas Emissions
Report Examines Technologies for Climate Stabilization
Oregon Expands Support for Solar and Other Renewable Energy
DOE's NREL Seeks Proposals for Independent Testing for Small Turbines
At Half-Year Mark, 2007 is Second Warmest Year on Record
Wind-to-Hydrogen Project Dedicated in North Dakota
Report: Energy Efficiency, Diversity are Keys to Our Future Energy Needs
Growing Wind Industry Yields New Plants in Four States


Shell and Luminant to Build the World's Largest Wind Farm in Texas
EIA: Renewable Energy Gained U.S. Market Share in 2005
Pepsi Bottling Companies Join the Top U.S. Green Power Buyers
Wind Power Growth Threatened by Supply Constraints, Says AWEA
New Mexico Sets New Goals for Specific Renewable Power Sources
World Meteorological Organization: Extreme Weather is Increasing
Six Western States Join Two Canadian Provinces in Carbon-Reduction Compact
First Commercial Wind Farm in 10 Years for Vermont
Pennsylvania Passes Bill to Strengthen Alternative Energy Use, Attract Solar Industry
EIA: Renewable Energy Consumption Increased 7 Percent in 2006
North Carolina Sets a Requirement for 12.5% Renewable Power by 2021
Six Western States and Two Provinces Set Greenhouse Gas Goals


Idaho Commission Approves Settlement between Idaho Power, Wind Developers
Illinois Requires 25 Percent Renewable Power by 2025
Kentucky Sets Incentives for Biofuels and Renewable Energy
Kyoto Parties Agree Loosely on Long-Term Emissions Goals
DOE Provides $610,000 to Improve State Energy Policies
California Partnership to Examine Transmission for Renewable Energy
Washington Governor Approves Kittitas Valley Wind Power Project
National Governors Association Launches Clean Energy Initiative
California Public Utilities Commission Approves Plan to Exceed Energy Efficiency Goals
Missouri Dedicates First Utility-Scale Wind Power Plant
First Feed-In Law Proposed in Michigan
R&D Partnership Opportunities for Utility-Scale Wind Turbine and Ocean Energy Technologies
R&D Partnership Opportunity for Utility-Scale Wind Turbine Testing
USDA Awards $18.2 Million for Efficiency and Renewable Energy


Texas Awards First Competitive Offshore Wind Leases
Colorado Fires Up 300-Megawatt Wind Farm
Offshore Wind Gets Boost from New Jersey Board of Public Utilities
New Jersey and Texas Pursue Offshore Wind Power
DOE Announces New K-12 Energy Curriculum Site
Bonneville Power Administration Adds Oregon Wind to Portfolio
DOE Launches New K-12 Energy Curriculum Web Site
Six Companies Win the 2007 Green Power Supplier Awards
DOE, EPA, and CRS Announce the Green Power Leadership Awards
Study Identifies 5,000 Megawatts of Untapped Renewable Energy in Arizona
Sacramento Municipal Utility District Wins DOE Wind Power Pioneer Award
DOE Seeks Clean Energy Entrepreneurs to Work at Three National Labs


Northwest's Largest Solar Facility Built Amid Wind Turbines in Washington
Federal Energy and Water Awards Honor Federal Agencies' Energy-Saving Efforts
Deadline for Utility-Scale Wind Turbine and Ocean Energy Technologies R&D Proposals Extended
Deadline for R&D Partnerships for Utility-Scale Wind Turbine Testing Extended
Interior Department Moves Forward on Offshore Renewable Energy
NREL Report Sees Near-Term Supply Shortage for Renewable Power
Report Finds Major Economic Benefits to Efficiency, Renewables
AWEA Boosts Wind Power Projections to 4,000 MW for 2007
Midwest States and Manitoba Sign Agreements to Reduce Greenhouse Gases, Promote Energy Efficiency and Renewables
Final Climate Change Report Raises Red Flags for the Future
Midwestern Governors Sign Climate and Energy Pacts
Report: Efficiency Could Cut Growth in U.S. Energy Use in Half


South Dakota Launches Energy Smart Initiative
Largest Wind Farm in Minnesota, Associated Transmission Line Completed
DOE Creates a $7.2 Million Clean Energy Commercialization Fund
Google Aims to Make Renewable Energy Cheaper than Coal Power
FERC to Issue Conditional Licenses for Ocean Energy Projects
Report: Global Renewable Energy Experiencing Double-Digit Growth
Four Governors Promote Clean Energy Initiative, Release Report
FERC Approves Incentive Transmission Rates in Upper Midwest
Virginia Commission Approves First Wind Farm in State


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