Nebraska Law Allows Wind Developers to Sell Power Out of State

April 30, 2010

A Nebraska bill, signed into law by Governor Dave Heineman on April 12, is designed to tap the state's renewable energy resources by allowing private companies to sell up to 90% of electricity out of state. The new law, dubbed the "Wind Bill," takes effect on July 15. Under its terms, private wind-energy developers who go through the Nebraska Power Review Board's regulatory process can sell power generated in Nebraska out of state as long as they meet requirements, including paying costs such as infrastructure development.

The American Wind Energy Association ranks Nebraska fourth among states in potential wind energy development but places it 24th in actual production. A main sponsor of the bill hailed the law as a boon to the state's economy and a responsible change in the state's renewable energy policy because it protects the state's public power system while giving private developers an avenue to tap wind resources. See the governor's press release.