Coalition Works to Protect Bats from Turbines

March 24, 2004

The American Wind Energy Association (AWEA) joined with government and wildlife conservation organizations recently to address a newly discovered problem of bats hitting wind turbines. Wind power providers found bats fatally collided with turbines in West Virginia, Tennessee, Minnesota, and Wyoming last year. Bats play an important role as primary predators of night flying insects, including many major agricultural pests and they pollinate plants and disperse seeds.

AWEA is working with a coalition of scientists at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, wildlife biologists from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, and conservationists from Bats Conservation International to research ways to prevent bat deaths from wind turbines in the future. Several wind energy companies (FPL Energy, GE Wind Energy, NEG Micon, Clipper Windpower, Atlantic Renewable Energy Corporation, U.S. Wind Force, Vestas-American Wind Technology, and Zilhha Renewable Energy) are providing matching funds for the cooperative effort to save bats. See the joint press release from the coalition.