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District of Columbia State Energy Program

State Energy Program , District of Columbia

Award Date: 2009
Financial Information: $22,022,000
Financial Details: awarded

The District of Columbia will use its Recovery Act SEP funding to improve energy efficiency in government buildings and support numerous public energy education initiatives. Recovery Act funds will enable the District of Columbia to replace existing mechanical and electrical equipment at various D.C. properties with new energy-efficient equipment and controls. SEP funds will also be used for building retrofits including the installation of high-efficiency classroom HVAC units for six elementary schools.

In addition, funding will facilitate multiple education efforts designed to reach different populations within the District. For example, quarterly teacher trainings will be held to incorporate renewable energy content into the science and math lesson plans for schoolchildren, while other programs will develop resource materials, training sessions, and testing materials to ensure successful adoption and implementation of green building codes in the construction sector.

The District of Columbia will also use SEP Recovery Act funds to establish a "Live Near Your Work" Program which provides incentives to encourage homebuyers and renters to live within 1.5 miles of their workplace to facilitate walking and the use of public transportation.

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