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Indiana State Energy Program

State Energy Program , Indiana

Award Date: 2009
Financial Information: $68,621,000
Financial Details: awarded

Indiana will utilize Recovery Act SEP funding to implement several energy efficiency and renewable energy projects throughout the state with a focus on saving and creating jobs, quickly completing projects, positive environmental impacts, measurable energy efficiency savings, and diversifying statewide energy sources. The Indiana program will include a competitive loan program to promote energy efficiency in the commercial, transportation efficiency, industrial, and manufacturing sectors in the state that will provide financial assistance for the implementation of energy-efficient technologies such as lighting, controls and sensors, insulation, and appliances. Recovery Act funds will also be used to support training programs and public energy outreach and education campaigns that will provide information to consumers on the importance of energy conservation, as well as tips on how to reduce their energy consumption. The training efforts will help transition Indiana's workforce from energy intensive, high environmental impact production processes to more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly alternatives.

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