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Illinois State Energy Program

State Energy Program , Illinois

Award Date: 2009
Financial Information: $101,321,000
Financial Details: awarded

Illinois will improve energy efficiency and promote renewable energy projects by providing Recovery Act SEP funding for energy efficiency retrofits and the biofuels industry. The state will provide grants to support new biomass manufacturing capacity or retrofits to existing facilities that will help reduce operating expenses and the environmental impact of bio-fuels manufacturing.

The state will also use Recovery Act SEP funding to provide grants to various entities, including schools, public buildings, and industrial facilities to improve energy efficiency in new and existing buildings, facilities, equipment, and processes. Grants will fund multiple initiatives, including investments in energy-efficient lighting, cooling, traffic signals, boilers, and furnaces. Programs will look to leverage funding with outside sources and will specifically target large-scale energy users in order to identify and prioritize energy efficiency measures that will result in the greatest return on investment.

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