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Alabama State Energy Program

State Energy Program , Alabama

Award Date: 2009
Financial Information: $55,570,000
Financial Details: awarded

The state of Alabama will use its Recovery Act SEP funding to promote energy efficiency of businesses, schools, and correctional facilities and develop renewable energy resources in the state. Alabama will work closely with the automotive supplier industry to improve the energy efficiency of their processes, which will help companies reduce their costs and energy consumption and stabilize employment. This program will identify and implement specific savings to reduce energy demand, carbon output and waste stream output, resulting in improved profitability, competiveness, and an improved employment picture for the industry.

The state will also use funds to create a new energy revolving loan fund to stimulate the creation and retention of jobs and increase the generation of renewable energy by providing low-interest loans for new and existing industries in the state. These loans will be used for the installation of renewable energy systems and the implementation of energy efficiency measures.

Alabama will also direct SEP funds toward energy efficiency retrofits in correctional facilities and K-12 schools to reduce energy consumption, save money, and create jobs. Specifically, funds will be provided for energy efficiency and renewable energy measures identified through investment-grade audits of the state's correctional facilities, and the state will expand its existing Energy-Efficient Retrofit of Schools Program. This expansion will assist in the purchase and installation of energy-efficient equipment for an estimated 30 K-12 school districts to reduce their energy costs and create jobs.

At various locations throughout the state, Alabama will conduct a series of training seminars for energy efficiency professionals on the topical subjects of Energy Audits, High Performance Buildings, Home Energy Rating Systems, and Building Energy Codes.

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