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Kentucky State Energy Program

State Energy Program , Kentucky

Award Date: 2009
Financial Information: $52,533,000
Financial Details: awarded

Kentucky will utilize Recovery Act SEP funding to advance energy efficiency and renewable energy initiatives, creating and saving jobs across the state. Kentucky will reduce energy consumption through energy efficiency and education assistance to state and local agencies, schools, non-profits, and the commercial, industrial, and agricultural sectors. These programs will include energy audits and funding assistance for building retrofits in schools and public buildings to reduce operating expenses and save taxpayers' money.

Among its activities, the state plans a commercial office building retrofit showcase. This project will provide funding for the purchase and installation of commercially available energy efficiency or renewable energy equipment and materials, including reasonable design costs, for the retrofit of a state government building to deliver a state-of-the-art Advance Battery Strategic Planning (ABSP) facility. The ABSP facility will demonstrate energy efficiency and renewable energy techniques and technologies that will drive the facility energy usage toward net zero by incorporating, but not limited to, advanced applications of solar, geothermal heating and cooling, building envelop design, and window construction. The ABSP facility will serve as a commercial building model with respect to energy efficiency and renewable energy for Kentucky and the nation.

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