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Louisiana State Energy Program

State Energy Program , Louisiana

Award Date: 2009
Financial Information: $71,694,000
Financial Details: awarded

Louisiana will use its Recovery Act SEP funding to promote energy efficiency across the state's commercial, residential, and state government sectors. Under the program, the state will encourage business owners to reduce energy consumption by providing rebates for energy efficiency retrofits in commercial buildings. In the residential sector, the program will provide incentives to home builders to encourage the construction of new highly energy-efficient homes and will also provide support for homeowners to improve the efficiency of existing homes. Further, the state will promote the purchase of new energy-efficient ENERGY STAR appliances through participating utility company partners that will offer coupons for the purchase of qualifying appliances.

Additionally, the Louisiana state government will undertake a "lead-by-example" initiative, providing funding for energy efficiency retrofits for state government buildings, along with funding to encourage the deployment of efficient LED traffic lights and photovoltaic street lighting across the state. The state will also provide local governments with funds to cover a portion of the incremental costs of purchasing alternative-fuel mass-transit vehicles and will fund a portion of the equipment costs for four publicly accessible quick fuel compressed natural gas fueling stations, providing essential support for the use of alternatively fueled vehicles.

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