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Maine State Energy Program

State Energy Program , Maine

Award Date: 2009
Financial Information: $27,305,000
Financial Details: awarded

Maine will use its Recovery Act SEP funding to promote or expand energy efficiency in the commercial, industrial, and residential sectors throughout the state to save energy while creating and saving jobs. In order to reduce energy use at large industrial facilities in the state, Maine will offer financial assistance to support targeted technical and engineering studies at the facilities. Additionally, funding will go to expanding a state program to provide energy audits to businesses, allowing for additional businesses to identify opportunities for potential energy savings.

Maine will also improve energy efficiency in the state by jump-starting the implementation of more energy-efficient building codes. The state will also increase funding for a program to help builders and business owners invest in up-front efficiencies in the design and construction of new commercial buildings. In the residential sector, Maine will expand its home weatherization program to include non-low-income households. Recovery Act SEP funds will be used to provide home energy audits and weatherization assistance, and will fund education and training programs to build a new green workforce to provide weatherization and energy efficiency services across the state.

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