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Mississippi State Energy Program

State Energy Program , Mississippi

Award Date: 2009
Financial Information: $40,418,000
Financial Details: awarded

Mississippi will use its Recovery Act SEP funding to promote energy efficiency in state buildings and initiate selected renewable energy projects. The state plans to initiate a "lead by example" program to enhance energy efficiency in state buildings, including the installation of advanced smart meters to monitor real-time energy consumption. Meters that can gather energy data quickly and identify equipment problems will be installed in various state agencies. The agencies will then be able to analyze their energy use data to know exactly how much energy their facilities are using at any given time so that they can reduce consumption and unnecessary power use where possible. The state will also fund building retrofits in order to reduce energy consumption.

In addition, Mississippi will design and implement selected pilot projects for renewable energy installations, targeting several sectors, including commercial, industrial, residential, and transportation. On a competitive basis this program will provide incentives to public and private entities to build or expand renewable energy production or manufacturing facilities that produce energy or transportation fuels from biomass, solar, or wind resources.

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