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Nevada State Energy Program

State Energy Program , Nevada

Award Date: 2009
Financial Information: $34,714,000
Financial Details: awarded

The state of Nevada will use its Recovery Act SEP funds for a series of clean energy initiatives, including the creation of a new revolving loan fund, building retrofits, and transportation upgrades. The revolving loan fund will support community-scale and utility-scale renewable energy generation, energy efficiency and conservation projects, and energy saving performance contracting throughout the state. This financial mechanism will create a sustainable program that will provide loans for years to come, helping Nevada promote energy independence while protecting the state's environment.

Nevada also plans to implement energy efficiency retrofits in state buildings and K-12 schools across the state. More than $16 million will be invested in LED lighting, lighting control, window performance technologies, and renewable energy technologies to reduce energy costs and consumption in these buildings. Nevada will also use its funds to create an energy-efficient traffic signals and street lights program. This program forms a partnership between the Nevada State Energy Office, the Nevada Department of Transportation, Regional Transportation Commissions, and the Nevada Department of Public Safety, to install energy-efficient LED traffic signals and street lights throughout the state, giving priority to high accident rate intersections. This funding will significantly reduce energy consumption and improve safety through greater visibility. Funding will also be provided for the adoption and implementation of the 2009 Residential and Commercial Building Codes.

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