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New Hampshire State Energy Program

State Energy Program , New Hampshire

Award Date: 2009
Financial Information: $25,827,000
Financial Details: awarded

New Hampshire will implement several energy efficiency and renewable energy initiatives with Recovery Act SEP funding. New Hampshire plans to include programs that will increase building efficiency for businesses, commercial enterprises, institutions and non-profits through building codes and competitive loan and grant programs. The state will provide technical and financial assistance to these businesses and institutions as they seek to reduce their energy use and costs through a variety of measures, including more energy-efficient processes. The New Hampshire SEP will also support energy efficiency upgrades to state-owned buildings, colleges, and universities saving taxpayers money and reducing energy use across the state.

New Hampshire will use Recovery Act SEP funds to expand the Alternative Fuels Vehicle Program to increase the number of hybrid and alternative-fueled vehicles in the state fleet. The state will also establish a "First Time Homebuyers Energy Efficiency Program" to assist first-time homeowners in gaining access to funds to complete home energy efficiency measures.

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