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Ohio State Energy Program

State Energy Program , Ohio

Award Date: 2009
Financial Information: $96,083,000
Financial Details: awarded

The Ohio State Energy Program will use its Recovery Act funding for several programs to increase the energy efficiency of businesses and industry while promoting deployment of clean energy projects that will help improve the cost-effectiveness and economic stability of businesses and industry in the state. Ohio will develop a revolving loan program to improve access to capital for energy efficiency and renewable energy projects through a public-private partnership using SEP dollars in tandem with debt or equity investment participation. This low-interest financing would be made available for a variety of renewable energy projects and would help to expand the availability of financing based on energy savings, including for smaller commercial entities. Ohio will also establish a "Targeting Industry Efficiency" Program with the goal to reduce energy use, greenhouse gas and criteria pollutant emissions, and to assess the economics of carbon reduction activities in the state's industrial sector.

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