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Arizona State Energy Program

State Energy Program , Arizona

Award Date: 2009
Financial Information: $55,447,000
Financial Details: awarded

Arizona will use its Recovery Act SEP funding for a series of innovative programs aimed at advancing energy efficiency and renewable energy investments statewide, while supporting renewable energy manufacturers and products made in the state. Arizona will establish a revolving loan program in order to provide a sustainable financing mechanism for small business owners who are looking to fund energy efficient building improvements or install solar projects at their facilities.

The state will also offer revolving loan funds for energy efficiency and renewable energy projects in commercial buildings. The Arizona State Buildings Energy Performance Contracting Program will administer revolving loans and performance contracting funds for energy efficiency projects in state buildings. This program promises to create jobs, increase energy savings, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

The objectives of the Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy in Schools Grant Program will provide performance contracting funds to install energy efficiency retrofits in K-12 school buildings. The Distributed Energy Leadership Program will further incentivize the public utility programs to implement energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies.

The Arizona Agricultural Renewable Energy Conversion Incentive Program seeks to reduce the state's reliance on fossil fuels in agricultural production in the rural sector. Arizona will establish a 21st Century Energy Grants Program which will provide competitive matching grants for bio-fuels infrastructure projects.

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