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Texas State Energy Program

State Energy Program , Texas

Award Date: 2009
Financial Information: $218,782,000
Financial Details: awarded

Texas will use its Recovery Act SEP funding to increase energy efficiency and expand the use of renewable energy in the public sector while also providing information resources that will empower Texans from across the state to achieve energy, emissions, and cost savings for years to come. Capitalizing on the successful LoanSTAR program, Texas will introduce a revolving loan program that will enable public facilities to implement building efficiency measures. Recovery Act SEP funds will also be used for competitive grants to state agencies, communities, schools, and hospitals to install and demonstrate solar, wind, biomass, and geothermal energy technologies.

Recovery Act SEP funding will also support a program focused on transportation improvements that will allow schools, hospitals, and other public entities to modernize traffic signaling equipment and facilitate the wider deployment of alternative fuels.

In addition, the state will undertake an outreach campaign that will provide a unified and credible source of energy information to a wide audience of Texans to help clearly lay out the connections between energy savings, emissions reductions, and jobs creation. The state also aims to establish Energy Sector Training centers that will help equip Texans with the skills they need to gain employment in the growing green jobs sector.

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