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Wisconsin State Energy Program

State Energy Program , Wisconsin

Award Date: 2009
Financial Information: $55,488,000
Financial Details: awarded

Wisconsin will use its Recovery Act SEP funding to coordinate and expand state activities and policy development that will achieve both state and federal goals of lessening dependence on fossil fuels, increasing renewable energy generation, and investing in clean energy manufacturing to retain and create jobs. As part of its energy efficiency efforts, the state will invest in new programs to help existing industrial facilities adopt more energy-efficient practices.

Wisconsin will also work to strengthen its manufacturing sector by investing in businesses that manufacture clean energy products and components, such as wind, solar, biofuels, and advanced electrical storage systems. The state will invest in these advanced manufacturing areas and assist companies in retooling facilities or equipment to provide component parts and other critical needs for renewable energy systems and energy-efficient technologies. Projects will be selected through a competitive process and may include advanced battery manufacturing, retrofitting manufacturing facilities to produce wind turbine components, fuel conversion projects from fossil fuels to biomass, and energy efficiency improvements at pulp and paper plants. Wisconsin will also implement a number of innovative financing strategies to make loans available to the widest possible audience.

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