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California State Energy Program

State Energy Program , California

Award Date: 2009
Financial Information: $226,093,000
Financial Details: awarded

California will leverage its program funding to provide a statewide energy efficiency retrofit program and cost effective clean energy systems for residential, commercial, and industrial buildings and facilities. The revenue savings that result from these efficiency measures will provide an ongoing source of revenue to continue implementing additional cost-effective efficiency measures. Additionally, California plans to develop and implement a public education, marketing, and outreach effort to ensure the benefits and value of energy efficiency are well understood.

Also, as part of California's State Energy Program, the California Energy Commission (Energy Commission) is investing funds in building a workforce to meet alternative fuel and advanced vehicle technology needs through its Green Jobs Training Program. The Energy Commission will expand on this plan and will leverage existing partnerships with Recovery Act funding to create a more extensive green workforce focused on energy efficiency and clean energy sources, including wind and solar energy.

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