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Colorado State Energy Program

State Energy Program , Colorado

Award Date: 2009
Financial Information: $49,222,000
Financial Details: awarded

The state of Colorado will use its Recovery Act SEP funding for several projects designed to expand renewable energy and energy efficiency measures across the state. The Governor's Energy Office will provide a suite of products aimed at removing financial barriers to rapid deployment of renewable energy and energy efficiency initiatives, including offering access to short-term and intermediate low-cost capital to projects in the commercial, residential, and industrial sectors.

An Energy Efficiency for Existing Buildings Program will help state agencies, including public schools, reduce their energy use and carbon emissions. Using Recovery Act funds, Colorado will also substantially expand its Renewable Energy Rebates and Grants Program across the residential, commercial, and industrial/utility sectors. Additionally, the office will promote greater energy efficiency in new and existing homes with programs such as a "whole house tune-up" that bundle efficiency incentives for homes and long term market transformation in energy efficiency for high-performance green buildings. The Governor's Energy Office will also establish a "lead-by-example" green government initiative to implement green "best practices" among state facilities.

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