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Connecticut State Energy Program

State Energy Program , Connecticut

Award Date: 2009
Financial Information: $38,542,000
Financial Details: awarded

Connecticut will use its Recovery Act SEP funding to create or protect jobs and save energy with several projects, including in-home energy audits and the deployment of a variety of technologies, such as alternative-fuel vehicles. In one project, Recovery Act funds will enable more residents to take advantage of inexpensive in-home energy audits designed to reduce energy bills and encourage energy efficiency. For each home, a specialist will perform an energy assessment, find and professionally seal critical leaks and drafts, replace incandescent bulbs with compact fluorescent lamps, provide and install water conservation devices, and check insulation and appliances.

The state will also use funding to support four Clean Cities coalitions—Greater New Haven, Clean Cities of Southwestern Connecticut, Norwich Clean Cities and Capital Clean Cities—to support their efforts to facilitate the adoption of alternate fuels and petroleum-reducing technologies in Connecticut.

Connecticut will launch training programs for building energy code compliance and building operators. The state will also establish a grant program to install fuel cells in combined heat and power applications.

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