Overcoming Persistent Barriers to Energy Efficiency in Multifamily Housing through Partnerships

Multifamily housing presents tremendous opportunities for improving energy efficiency nationwide, but has been a perennially difficult sector to tackle. While in many cases multifamily work has traditionally fallen outside of the jurisdiction of state energy offices (SEOs), by partnering with entities like housing authorities, utilities, and private investors, SEOs can play a key role by in enhancing and supporting energy efficiency policies and programs in this sector. This webinar recording features:

  • Overview of persistent barriers to energy efficiency in multifamily housing and potential roles and opportunities for SEOs, including NASEO's work in the Southeast and Mid-Atlantic and the Energy Program Consortium's recent report, Multifamily Energy Efficiency: Reported Barriers and Emerging Practices,
  • National multifamily initiatives for states to be aware of and leverage, including DOE's Guidelines for Home Energy Professionals and the Better Buildings Multifamily Accelerator, as well as ACEEE's Multifamily Energy Savings Project, and
  • On-the-ground experiences working in the multifamily sector from Tennessee and New York.

Speakers include Sandy Fazeli of the National Association of State Energy Officials, Mark Wolfe of the Energy Programs Consortium, Kate Johnson of the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy, David Hepinstall of the Association for Energy Affordability, and representatives from Tennessee's Office of Energy Programs.