Commercial Building Energy Alliance Members Collaborate To Reduce Energy Use

The Commercial Building Energy Alliance (CBEA) is transforming the way commercial buildings use energy. CBEA invites building owners, managers, and operators to work with the Building Technologies Office (BTO) and with each other to identify and implement best practices, key decision-making tools, and advanced technologies for significant energy savings in their portfolios.

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Broad Industry Representation

CBEA members control more than 8 billion ft2 and represent approximately 20% of the total U.S. floor space in their respective sectors. See a list of current members. CBEA is comprised of subgroups focusing on the following areas:

  • Retailer Energy Alliance—Retailers, supermarkets, and restaurants
  • Commercial Real Estate Energy Alliance—Commercial real estate and hospitality
  • Hospital Energy Alliance—Hospitals and healthcare organizations
  • Higher Education Energy Alliance—Colleges, universities, and other postsecondary institutions

Project Teams Focus on Replicable and Scalable Energy Efficiency Solutions

All CBEA efficiency initiatives are driven by targeted Project Teams comprised of CBEA members and BTO technical experts across all relevant commercial sectors:

Learn more about CBEA Project Teams. Read a fact sheet about CBEA project teams.

CBEA Events Enable Members to Engage Their Peers and Key Stakeholders

CBEA offers in-person events such as the annual CBEA Efficiency Forum and side events during leading conferences.

You can also participate in remote events such as webinars, training, and teleconferences.