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Photo of a man pulling down a night curtain over the produce section over a grocery store.

Whole Foods Market, a CBEA member, installed night curtains to cover the refrigerated produce cases when stores are closed. This strategy lowers the cooling load on the refrigeration case by about 40% during unoccupied periods. Credit: Patrick Corkery, NREL/18596

Commercial building owners and operators can join the Commercial Building Energy Alliance (CBEA) to learn new strategies to save energy and money. As a member, you will benefit from working with your peers, the U.S. Department of Energy's (DOE) Building Technologies Program, and DOE's national laboratories. Joining is easy–just complete and submit the CBEA sign-up form, indicating the appropriate Alliance for your sector (Retailer Energy Alliance, Commercial Real Estate Energy Alliance, Hospital Energy Alliance, or Higher Education Energy Alliance) and a representative will contact you. You can also review the CBEA Member Expectations and DOE Expectations below.

CBEA Member Expectations

  • Commit
    • Assign a company representative who is authorized to represent your organization in CBEA.
    • Share your organization-wide energy savings goals.
  • Act
    • Work to achieve your goals and monitor progress through publicly available tools, such as the ENERGY STAR® Portfolio Manager.
    • Participate in at least one CBEA activity, such as the development or implementation of Technology Specifications.
  • Share
    • Share your successes and help other CBEA members replicate your results.
    • Update us, on an annual basis, about your energy savings and progress toward meeting your goals. Together we can show significant progress toward reducing our energy impact.

DOE Expectations

  • Assist
    • Provide information and energy efficiency implementation models to help CBEA members improve the energy performance of their building portfolios.
    • Work with CBEA members to create new resources to help them overcome efficiency challenges and increase the availability of highly efficient products and technologies.
  • Connect
    • Provide a neutral, third-party platform for sector peers to address common challenges.
    • Connect members with financial allies for financing solutions.
  • Inform
    • Keep members informed through regular CBEA communications and webinar series.
    • Provide access to DOE and trusted third-party information and technical resources.

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