Set-Top Boxes

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A set-top box is a device combining hardware components with software programming designed for the primary purpose of receiving television and related services from terrestrial, cable, satellite, broadband, or local networks, providing video output using at least one direct video connection. 

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Recent and Ongoing Activities

For the latest information on the planned timing of future DOE regulatory milestones, see the current Office of Management and Budget Unified Agenda of Regulatory and Deregulatory Actions. All planned dates are preliminary and subject to change.


There is no ongoing rulemaking at this time.

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Test Procedure

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Current Standard

There currently are no energy conservation standards for set-top boxes. 

Current Test Procedure

There currently are no test procedures for set-top boxes.

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Not applicable to set-top boxes.


Not applicable to set-top boxes.


Not applicable to set-top boxes.

Guidance and Frequently Asked Questions

Voluntary Agreement

A STB Voluntary Agreement (VA) was established in December 2012, and expanded in December 2013. The VA was adopted to continue improvements in the energy efficiency of STBs used in the delivery of services by service providers. Signatories of the VA include STB equipment manufacturers, service providers (cable, satellite, and IPTV), and energy efficiency advocates. For more information on the VA, visit

State Exemptions to Federal Pre-emption

Not applicable to set-top boxes.

Small Business Exemptions

Not applicable to set-top boxes.


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DOE supports the testing and verification of ENERGY STAR® products in close collaboration with the Environmental Protection Agency. The ENERGY STAR program for set-top boxes provides test procedures and qualification specifications for set-top boxes.

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