Portable Electric Spas

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Portable electric spas are factory-built hot tubs or spas that are intended for the immersion of people in heated, temperature-controlled water that is circulated in a closed system.  A wide range of portable electric spa products are available on the market, including standard spas, exercise spas, combination spas, and inflatable spas. 

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Recent and Ongoing Activities

DOE has published a Federal Register notice that tentatively determines that portable electric spas qualify as a covered product under Part A of Title III of the Energy Policy and Conservation Act, as amended (EPCA). DOE has tentatively determined that coverage of portable electric spas is necessary and appropriate to carry out the purposes of EPCA and that the average U.S. household energy use for portable electric spas is likely to exceed 100 kilowatt- hours per year.


There are no efficiency standards currently in place for Portable Electric Spas

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Current Standard

There are currently no energy conservation standards for portable electric spas.

Current Test Procedure

There are currently no test procedures for portable electric spas.

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