Code Compliance Tool Upgraded to Support State's Responses to Recovery Act

September 1, 2009

REScheckTM has been upgraded to support the builder and design communities in demonstrating compliance with the 2009 International Energy Conservation Code (IECC). REScheck 4.3.0 is a software tool that helps builders and designers demonstrate compliance with the energy code to local officials and helps code officials check compliance. In response to Recovery Act requirements, the governors of all states have provided written assurances to the Secretary of Energy that they will take action to promote implementation of building energy codes that will meet or exceed the 2009 IECC for residential buildings, and implement a plan for achieving 90% compliance of new and renovated residential building space, within 8 years. REScheck produces compliance forms and a required compliance certificate for mounting on the electric panel of each new home. It also permits the applicant to submit compliance forms electronically, thereby minimizing the time that must be spent pursuing approvals. More than 55,000 copies of REScheck have been downloaded in FY 2009, and REScheck-Web, a Web-based tool, has been accessed more than 66,000 times this fiscal year. For more information, visit the REScheck Web site at