Building America Partners Provide Energy Efficient Design to

March 28, 2005

DOE Building America partners, the Building Industry Research Alliance (BIRA), and Pardee Homes, worked together to bring an energy efficient design to a recent home renovation featured on ABC-TV's reality series "Extreme Makover: Home Edition." More than 800 volunteers came together to re-build a very special home for a blended family in need.

BIRA not only provided an energy-efficient design, but also worked onsite to ensure that all energy efficiency and thermal comfort features were installed and operating properly. Numerous computer simulations were run by BIRA specialists prior to construction to ensure the home would save at least 70 percent on the annual electric bill and not draw more than 1kW from the utility company in peak usage times. The long term research goal of the Building America Program is to develop homes that use zero net total energy on an annual basis.

The sequel to the show, which airs March 28 at 8 p.m., provides an in-depth view of each project including the energy-efficient design. Learn more.