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DOE's SSL CALiPER program supports independent testing of commercially available SSL products. Detailed Reports provide extensive data on individual products tested through the CALiPER program. The Department allows its test reports to be distributed in the public interest for noncommercial, educational purposes only.

DOE provides CALiPER Detailed Report information through an online system with both basic and advanced search options. This information is only available to users who provide their name, affiliation, and confirmation of agreement to abide by DOE's "No Commercial Use" policy. Please submit the form below to create a new account and go to the Search Page for Detailed Test Reports:

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No Commercial Use Policy
The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) is a federal agency working in the public interest. Published information from the DOE CALiPER Program, including test reports, technical information, and summaries, is intended solely for the benefit of the public, in order to help buyers, specifiers of new SSL products, testing laboratories, energy experts, energy program managers, regulators, and others make informed choices and decisions about SSL products and related technologies.

Such information may not be used in advertising, to promote a company's product or service, or to characterize a competitor's product or service. This policy precludes any commercial use of any DOE CALiPER Program published information in any form without DOE's express written permission.