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June 11, 2015

Energy Department Announces Funding to Develop Aggregate Purchasing Models

The Energy Department announced up to $2 million to support aggregate purchasing models for plug-in electric and other alternative fuel and advanced technology vehicles, subsystems, components, alternative fuels, and refueling/charging infrastructure. More

April 1, 2015

National Parks Move Forward on Sustainable Transportation in Partnership with Clean Cities

The Department of Energy is helping the National Parks Service fulfill its mission on every level by adopting alternative fuel vehicles, minimizing petroleum use, and reducing greenhouse gas emissions from transportation through the Clean Cities National Parks Initiative.  More

April 1, 2015

Energy Department Offers Conditional Loan to Alcoa for Automotive Sector

The Department of Energy announced a conditional commitment for a $259 million loan to Alcoa Inc., which, if finalized, would support the company’s Alcoa, Tennessee, manufacturing facility in producing high-strength aluminum for North American automakers.  More

March 9, 2015

Energy Department Announces $6 Million to Accelerate Alternative Fuel Vehicle Market Growth

The Energy Department announced awarded millions for 11 projects aimed at improving potential buyers’ experiences with alternative fuel and plug-in electric vehicles, supporting training, and integrating alternative fuels into emergency planning.  More

March 2, 2015

Energy Department's Clean Cities Program Releases an RFI for Alternative Fuel and Advanced Vehicle Purchasing

The Energy Department's Clean Cities program released a Request for Information about procurement and aggregating initiatives for alternative fuel and advanced vehicles. More

December 17, 2014

Air Force Tests First All-Electric Vehicle Fleet in California

Air Force officials unveiled the Defense Department's first non-tactical vehicle fleet composed entirely of plug-in electric vehicles at Los Angeles Air Force Base, California.  More

December 9, 2014

Alabama Coalition Leaders Become Newest Clean Cities Hall of Fame Inductees

Mark Bentley and Phillip Wiedmeyer are recognized for outstanding contributions to the Clean Cities mission of reducing petroleum use in U.S. transportation. More

November 26, 2014

Survey Says: Workplace Charging is Growing in Popularity and Impact

Plug-in electric vehicle charging access at work has nearly doubled in the last two years, according to a survey conducted by the Energy Department. More

November 26, 2014

Tampa Bay Designated as the Newest Clean Cities Coalition

The Energy Department's Clean Cities recently welcomed brand-new Tampa Bay Clean Cities Coalition into the program. More

November 12, 2014

Energy Department and EPA Release 2015 Fuel Economy Guide

The Energy Department and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) released the 2015 Fuel Economy Guide, providing a resource for consumers to choose the most fuel-efficient and low-emission vehicles.  More

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