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Clean Cities University (CCU) provides online learning courses covering alternative fuels and advanced vehicle deployment, laws and regulations, and administrative subjects to help you build your coalition.

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Most CCU courses take about 30 to 40 minutes. You can even take courses to help fulfill your Coalition Support Contract if you chose CCU as an option.

Introduction to Clean Cities University

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Getting Help

If you need assistance with your CCU account or any of the courses, contact us or click the email link in the footer of Clean Cities University.

Available Course Topics

Clean Cities E-Tools

  • Alternative Fuel Life-Cycle Environmental and Economic Transportation (AFLEET) Tool
  • Alternative Fueling Station Locator
  • GREET Fleet Footprint Calculator
  • Maps and Data Section of the Alternative Fuels Data Center

Coordinator Basics

  • Best Practices for Using a Customer Relationship Management System
  • Boards and Committees
  • Capturing Great Video
  • Clean Cities: Building Partnerships to Reduce Petroleum Use in Transportation
  • Coalition Websites: Strategy, Content, and Design
  • Conducting Media Outreach
  • Developing an Annual Operating Plan
  • Funding Your Coalition
  • Giving an Interview
  • Making the Most of Social Media
  • Promoting and Using Video
  • Running Effective Meetings
  • Using the Clean Cities Technical Response Service
  • Why Video and What's a Story?

Fleet Topics

  • Anatomy of a Work Truck
  • CNG Infrastructure Costs
  • Compressed Natural Gas in Municipal Fleets
  • Propane Infrastructure

Fuels and Vehicle Technologies

  • Electric Drive Vehicles: Overview and Impacts
  • Geography of Existing and Potential Alternative Fuel Markets in the United States
  • Improving Gas Mileage

Laws and Regulations

  • Understanding EPAct-Regulated Fleets
  • Understanding the Federal Rulemaking Process
  • Understanding the Renewable Fuels Standard
  • Understanding the State Rulemaking Process