Contact Information

Here you'll find the requirements and best practices for listing contact information on the EERE Web site. Contact information identifies the owners of a site and provides users with a way to provide feedback and seek additional information. All sites on EERE are required to provide contact information to its readers in the form of a "Contacts" page and a Webmaster.

Including contact information on your site allows your readers to ask questions, get information, and report problems. Read more about "Contact Us" Pages on


All Web sites must follow these requirements.

Contacts Pages

Every EERE Web site must include a "Contacts" page.

  • For sites with horizontal navigation, is usually placed in the "About" section and listed in the left navigation.
  • For sites with no horizontal navigation, "Contacts" is required in the left navigation.

The contacts page should include the organization mailing address and phone number(s) as well as an e-mail address.


Every EERE Web page must include a link to the webmaster in the footer. This link may connect to a Webmaster Inquiry Form, explained below, or go directly to an email address.

Every site needs a webmaster. This person should be familiar with the content of the site and able to answer basic questions about the content.

Privacy Policy

Every EERE Web site must link to EERE's e-mail policy and privacy statement in the footer of every EERE Web page. This is included as part of the security and privacy notices, which is a standard part of the footer template.

Records Management

All webmaster inquiries and responses should be archived and kept for 3 years. Inquiries are classified as program "correspondence" for records management purposes.

Best Practices

These guidelines are recommended to make it easier for you and your users to handle email inquiries more easily.

Use Interim Menu Pages for Webmasters

If your site has multiple Webmasters that deal with different sites and topics, you may want to set up an interim menu page. Instead of giving readers one Webmaster address to contact, this menu page directs users to specific sites or people. For an example, see EERE's Webmaster page.

Post Contact Information in Targeted Areas

Contact information changes often and is a large maintenance task. To make it easier to keep your pages up to date, you should minimize the number of locations where contact information is located. Be sure the information is easy to find.