The Clean Energy Manufacturing Initiative is a strategic integration and commitment of manufacturing efforts across the Office of Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy's (EERE) clean energy technology offices and Advanced Manufacturing Office, focusing on American competitiveness in clean energy manufacturing.

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A National Strategic Plan for Advanced Manufacturing

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Clean Energy Manufacturing Initiative Objectives

  • Increase U.S. competitiveness in the production of clean energy products: Strategically invest in technologies that leverage American competitive advantages and overcome competitive disadvantages.

  • Increase U.S. manufacturing competitiveness across the board by increasing energy productivity: Strategically invest in technologies and practices to enable U.S. manufacturers to increase their competitiveness through energy efficiency, combined heat and power, and taking advantage of low-cost domestic energy sources.

The Opportunity in Clean Energy Manufacturing

Over the last several years, global investment in the clean energy sector has risen nearly fivefold, growing from $54 billion in 2004 to $269 billion world-wide in 2012. The United States faces a stark choice: the energy technologies of the future can be developed and manufactured in America for export around the world, or we can cede global leadership and import those technologies from China, Germany, and elsewhere.

The Clean Energy Manufacturing Initiative will strategically focus and rally EERE's clean energy technology offices and Advanced Manufacturing Office around the urgent competitive opportunity for the United States to be the leader in the clean energy manufacturing industries and jobs of today and tomorrow. This initiative will bring together a wide array of relevant EERE and Department of Energy offices, federal agencies, research institutions, and private sector partners to map out and implement a strategy to ensure that U.S. manufacturers are competitive in the global marketplace.