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News Archives - 2013


Geothermal Industry Applauds Congressional Action on Tax Legislation
Pinpointing America's Geothermal Resources with Open Source Data
Geothermal Technologies Office Releases 2012 Annual Report
Idaho Geological Survey and University of Idaho Explore for Geothermal Energy
AltaRock Energy Announces Successful Multiple-Zone Stimulation of Well at the Newberry Enhanced Geothermal Systems Demonstration


Salton Sea Power Plant Recognized as Most Innovative Geothermal Project
Interactive Map Shows Geothermal Resources
Technological Advancements Paving the Way for Geothermal Growth
Department of Energy Advances Geothermal Science through Collegiate Competition
New Geothermal Data System Could Open Up Clean-Energy Reserves
New Geothermal Prospects in the Western United States Show Promise


First Commercial Success for Enhanced Geothermal Systems Spells Exponential Growth for the Future of Geothermal Energy
New Ways to Produce Geothermal Power at Lower Temperatures
President's 2014 Budget Proposes Critical Investments in Clean Energy
Geothermal Brine Brings Low-Cost Power with Big Potential
EERE Webinar: Renewable Energy FY2014 Budget Request


Student Semi-Finalist Teams Selected to Help Advance Geothermal Energy
Secretary Moniz: What the Natural Gas Boom Means for Renewables


2013 EIA Energy Conference Features Secretary Moniz
Energy Department Develops Regulatory Roadmap to Spur Geothermal Energy Development
DOI Approves Three Renewable Energy Projects in Arizona and Nevada
Energy Intensity of Federal Buildings Slashed 25% in Past Decade
Climate Change Update: Baseload Geothermal is One of the Lowest Emitting Energy Technologies


National Competition Names University of Rochester for Geothermal Innovation
President Obama Touts Renewable Energy, Efficiency in Climate Plan
Caldwell Ranch: Innovative Exploration Technologies Yield Geothermal Potential
DOE Awards $11 Million to Small Clean-Tech Businesses


BLM Approves California Geothermal Development Project


Global Market for Geothermal Continues Upswing


Enhanced Geothermal Systems (EGS) - the Future of Geothermal Energy


Seismic Monitoring a Critical Step in EGS Development
GEA Honors Geothermal Leaders
The Geothermal Technologies Office Congratulates this Year's GEA Honors Awardees
Downhole Sensor Holds Transformative Potential
New Working Fluids Cut a Wider Swath of Geothermal Reserves
National Labs Offer 3rd Party Evaluation on Elastomers