DOE Solicits Feedback on Subsurface Characterization to Commercialize Viable EGS

January 28, 2014

To see the full RFI and download the official feedback form, go to EERE Exchange here.

To better engineer commercially viable EGS technologies, the Energy Department is soliciting feedback on how to more accurately measure and track vital subsurface parameters throughout EGS development phases. By understanding the importance and constraints of various subsurface parameters, the Geothermal Technologies Office will be better positioned to target and prioritize its limited funding on field characterization activities and maximize impact for EGS development.

Feedback from industry, academia, research laboratories, government agencies, and other stakeholders is sought to understand the relative importance of various subsurface parameters in relation to overall EGS performance. This is solely a request for information (RFI) and not a funding announcement (FOA). EERE may issue a FOA in the future based on or related to the content and responses to this RFI, or EERE may elect not to issue a FOA.

subsurface model, courtesy of Idaho National Laboratory
3D subsurface model, courtesy of Idaho National Laboratory