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Hydrogen and Nitrogen Control in Ladle and Casting Operations - AISI/DOE Technology Roadmap Program
In recent years there has been an increasing demand to reduce and control the amount of dissolved gases in steel. Hydrogen and nitrogen are two of the most important gases which when dissolved in liq   Details Bookmark & Share  
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Aluminum Industry Roadmap for the Automotive Market
Defines R&D needed to enhance the cost-effectiveness of using aluminum in automobiles. This development is supported by the DOE Office of Transportation Technologies. (PDF 482 KB).   Details Bookmark & Share  
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Steel Energy and Environmental Profile
Major steelmaking processes (from ironmaking through fabrication and forming) and their associated energy requirements have been profiled in this 2001 report (PDF 582 KB). This profile by Energetics,   Details Bookmark & Share  
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Energy-Efficient Thermomagnetic and Induction Hardening
This factsheet describes a research project that will develop and test a hybrid thermomagnetic and induction hardening technology to replace conventional heat treatment processes in forging applicatio   Details Bookmark & Share  
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Process to Continuously Melt, Refine and Cast High Quality Steel
The purpose of this project is to conduct research and development targeted at designing a revolutionary steelmaking process. This process will deliver high quality steel from scrap to the casting mo   Details Bookmark & Share  
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Grid-Interactive Efficient Buildings Fact Sheet
The U.S. Department of Energy’s Building Technologies Office (BTO) envisions a future in which buildings operate dynamically with the grid to make electricity more affordable and integrate distributed   Details Bookmark & Share
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Grid-Interactive Efficient Buildings
To help inform the greater building research community and advance U.S. Department of Energy Building Technologies Office’s (BTO) research and development (R&D) portfolio, BTO is publishing a series   Details Bookmark & Share
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Wind Turbine Radar Interference Mitigation
Wind energy is one of the fastest growing sources of new electricity supply in the United States. As wind development continues to grow and expand to new areas of the country, so does the possibility   Details Bookmark & Share
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Sustainability Plan for the Solar Regional Test Centers
This report documents a plan for transitioning the Solar Regional Test Centers to a self-sustaining business model.   Details Bookmark & Share
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Solar Research Spotlight: Systems Integration
This Solar Energy Technologies Office fact sheet provides an overview of the systems integration subprogram, which funds research and development projects in five broad, interrelated focus areas:   Details Bookmark & Share
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