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Welcome to the EERE Publication and Product Library. This library will allow you to find publications and products provided by the DOE's Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy. To help serve you better, this database will allow you to:

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Plug-ins: The Future for Hybrid Electric Vehicles?
Argonne National Laboratory, working together with Idaho National Laboratory, leads DOE's efforts to evaluate PHEVs and PHEV technology with the nation's best vehicle technology evaluation tools and   Details Bookmark & Share  
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Geothermal Energy: Technologies and Costs
Two challenges for geothermal energy are that resources are difficult to locate and tend to be found in rural areas. The fact that they are found in remote areas constrains generation and direct use d   Details Bookmark & Share  
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Report on Workforce Development by the Task Force on America's Future Energy Jobs
In this report, the Task Force makes a compelling case that our nation's educational infrastructure must be improved to produce the next generation of professionals needed to orchestrate a transformat   Details Bookmark & Share  
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Roadmap for Agriculture Biomass Feedstock Supply in the United States
The Biomass Research and Development Technical Advisory Committee set forth a goal that biomass will supply 5% of the nation’s power, 20% of transportation fuels, and 25% of chemicals by 2030.   Details Bookmark & Share  
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Building Energy Asset Score for Utilities and Energy Efficiency Program Administrators
The Building Energy Asset Score is a national standardized tool for evaluating the physical and structural energy efficiency of commercial and multifamily residential buildings. The Asset Score gene   Details Bookmark & Share  
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Latest Additions

SETO 2020 Peer Review
This report details the findings of an independent, third-party group of solar industry experts who reviewed SETO's portfolio as a whole. The report covers the reviewers' top-level findings across maj   Details Bookmark & Share
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FY2019 Technology Integration Annual Progress Report
The 2019 Technology Integration Annual Progress Report covers 30 multi-year projects funded by the Vehicle Technologies Office. The report includes information on 23 competitively awarded projects, ra   Details Bookmark & Share
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FY2019 Materials Annual Progress Report
The Materials Technology Program supports the Vehicle Technologies Office’s (VTO’s) mission to help consumers and businesses reduce their transportation energy costs while meeting or exceeding vehicle   Details Bookmark & Share
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FY2019 Energy Efficient Mobility Systems Annual Progress Report
EEMS Program activities during FY 2019 focused on analytical research to understand the impacts that new mobility technologies and services will have at the vehicle, traveler, and overall transportati   Details Bookmark & Share
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FY2019 Electrification Annual Progress Report
During fiscal year 2019 (FY 2019), the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Vehicle Technologies Office (VTO) funded early stage research & development (R&D) projects that address Batteries and Electrifica   Details Bookmark & Share
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