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West Village Student Housing Phase I: Apartment Monitoring and Evaluation
Building America team Alliance for Residential Building Innovation (ARBI) worked with the University of California, Davis and the developer partner West Village Community Partnership (WVCP) to evaluat   Details Bookmark & Share  
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Building America Case Study: Residential Mechanical Precooling, Roseville, California
Precooling is an operational strategy with potentially no up-front cost that cools occupied spaces earlier in the day to minimize or avoid afternoon air conditioner operation. In its simplest form, pr   Details Bookmark & Share  
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Better Duct Systems for Home Heating and Cooling; Building Technologies Program (Brochure)
Duct systems used in forced-air space-conditioning systems are a vital element in home energy efficiency. How well a system works makes a big difference in the cost and the effectiveness of heating an   Details Bookmark & Share  
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West Village Community: Quality Management Processes and Preliminary Heat Pump Water Heater Performance
West Village, a multi-use project underway at the University of California Davis, represents a ground-breaking sustainable community incorporating energy efficiency measures and on-site renewable gene   Details Bookmark & Share  
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Community-Scale Attic Retrofit and Home Energy Upgrade Data Mining
Residential retrofit is an essential element of any comprehensive strategy for improving residential energy efficiency, yet remains a challenging proposition to sell to homeowners due to low levels of   Details Bookmark & Share  
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Yuma Border Patrol Area Lighting Retrofit Final LED System Performance Assessment of Trial and Full Installation
Along the Yuma Sector Border Patrol Area in Yuma, Arizona, the GATEWAY program conducted a trial evaluation in which the incumbent quartz metal halide area lighting was replaced with LED at three pole   Details Bookmark & Share
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Accelerated Stress Testing of Multi-Source LED Products
Second report in a series that uses accelerated stress testing (AST) to provide insights into the long-term behavior of commercial products utilizing different types of mid-power LEDs (MP-LEDs) integr   Details Bookmark & Share
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Dim-to-Warm LED Lighting: Stress Testing Results for Select Products
A report that independently quantifies performance and reliability of dim-to-warm LED products. Conducted by RTI International, the study builds on a prior RTI study of such products.   Details Bookmark & Share
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Energy Savings Potential of SSL in Agricultural Applications
A report on the energy-savings potential of solid-state lighting in agricultural applications, which updates a prior edition that focused on horticultural lighting only, with an expanded focus that in   Details Bookmark & Share
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2019 Lighting R&D Opportunities
BTO’s Lighting R&D Opportunities is updated annually and covers foundational R&D needs for lighting technology and lighting application understanding that will result in maximum energy savings while a   Details Bookmark & Share
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