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Building America Best Practices Series: Volume 4; Builders and Buyers Handbook for Improving New Home Efficiency, Comfort, and Durability in the Mixed-Humid Climate
This guide book is a resource to help builders large and small build high-quality, energy-efficient homes that achieve 30% energy savings in space conditioning and water heating in the mixed-humid cli   Details Bookmark & Share  
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Energy Savings Potential and RD&D Opportunities for Non-Vapor-Compression HVAC Technologies
While vapor-compression technologies have served heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning (HVAC) needs very effectively, and have been the dominant HVAC technology for close to 100 years, the conven   Details Bookmark & Share  
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Energy Savings Potential and Opportunities for High-Efficiency Electric Motors in Residential and Commercial Equipment
This report describes the current state of motor technology and estimates opportunities for energy savings through application of more advanced technologies in a variety of residential and commercial   Details Bookmark & Share  
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Windows and Building Envelope Research and Development: A Roadmap for Emerging Technologies
This Building Technologies Office (BTO) Research and Development (R&D) Roadmap identifies priority windows and building envelope R&D areas of interest. Cost and performance targets are identified for   Details Bookmark & Share  
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Field Assessment of Energy Audit Tools for Retrofit Programs
This project focused on the use of home energy ratings as a tool to promote energy retrofits in existing homes. A home energy rating provides a quantitative appraisal of a home’s energy performance, u   Details Bookmark & Share  
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Interior Cellular Shades Boost Home Energy Performance
At a fraction of the cost of window replacement, energy-efficient window attachments (e.g., interior and exterior shading, secondary glazing) offer a cost-effective and user-friendly way for consumers   Details Bookmark & Share
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An Investigation of Innovative Energy Technologies Entering the Market between 2009-2015, Enabled by EERE-Funded R&D
This report documents technologies that have been commercialized by the private sector and other partners—such as technology developers in startups, companies, and universities—in part because of R&D   Details Bookmark & Share
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Residential Cold-Climate Heat Pump Technology Challenge
Cold-climate heat pumps (CCHPs) provide both space heating and cooling for homes, and incorporate advanced features that allow for improved heating capacity and efficiency at cold weather conditions c   Details Bookmark & Share
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Research and Development of a Ventilation-Integrated Comfort System
From an indoor air quality perspective, the best residential ventilation strategies include filtering outdoor air and distributing that air to all occupied parts of a home. From an energy standpoint,   Details Bookmark & Share
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Ventilation in Residential Care Environments
The purpose of this study was to evaluate the effect of ventilation rate, directional airflow (e.g. pressure relationships) and airflow barriers on bioaerosol concentration and movement within assiste   Details Bookmark & Share
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