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Improving Motor and Drive System Performance – A Sourcebook for Industry
This sourcebook outlines opportunities to improve motor and drive systems performance. The sourcebook is divided into four main sections: (1) Motor and Drive System Basics: Summarizes important terms,   Details Bookmark & Share  
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Saving Energy at Data Centers
Data centers provide mission-critical computing functions essential to the daily operation of top U.S. economic, scientific, and technological organizations. These data centers consume large amounts o   Details Bookmark & Share  
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Combined Heat and Power: Effective Energy Solutions for a Sustainable Future
This report describes in detail the four key areas where CHP has proven its effectiveness and holds promise for the future—as an: environmental solution, significantly reducing CO2 emissions through g   Details Bookmark & Share  
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Plant-Wide Assessment Summary: $3.6 Million in Savings Identified in AMCAST Assessment
Summary of AMCAST Industrial Corporation's plant-wide assessment to identify energy and cost saving opportunities at the corporation's facility in Wapakoneta, Ohio.   Details Bookmark & Share  
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Tools to Boost Steam System Efficiency
The Steam System Scoping Tool quickly evaluates your entire steam system operation and spots the areas that are the best opportunities for improvement. The tool suggests a range of ways to save steam   Details Bookmark & Share  
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Interconnection Standards for Combined Heat and Power (CHP) - State Standards that Impact Interconnection to the Electric Distribution Grid
This Issue Brief examines state interconnection policies that apply to CHP throughout the United States. It discusses barriers to CHP interconnection and describes elements of effective interconnectio   Details Bookmark & Share
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State-Led Combined Heat and Power Initiatives
This issue brief examines how portfolio standards, financial incentives, and deployment activities can be implemented to encourage CHP's use and provides several examples of ongoing policies and progr   Details Bookmark & Share
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Utility Combined Heat and Power (CHP) Programs
This issue brief provides an overview of energy efficiency portfolios offered by electric and gas utilities that include CHP incentive programs, with examples of program drivers, structures, and eligi   Details Bookmark & Share
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Combined Heat and Power in Resilience Planning and Policy
This issue brief highlights CHP’s current use in critical infrastructure applications, operational aspects of using CHP to enhance resilience, tools and resources for policymakers, and example approac   Details Bookmark & Share
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Simulation-Based Design and Optimization of Waste Heat Recovery Systems
This fact sheet features an R&D project that will develop a modeling platform that can quantify the value of a district energy system and its potential for waste heat recovery. The new software analys   Details Bookmark & Share
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