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Innovative Manufacturing Initiative

Funding: A total of approximately $120 million in DOE funding is expected to be available for all awards made from this FOA. Approximately $25 million is expected to be available to start the projects in FY 2012.

Open Date: 06/24/2011

Close Date: 12/07/2011

Funding Organization: U.S. Department of Energy Industrial Technologies Program (ITP)

Funding Number: DE-FOA-0000560


The U.S. Department of Energy Industrial Technologies Program (ITP) has issued a new funding opportunity announcement (FOA) titled "Innovative Manufacturing Initiative". This FOA seeks to solicit applications for cost-shared projects that will offer solutions to core technical problems facing an industry or group of industries, that, if solved hold the potential to produce large improvements in energy productivity, environmental performance, product yield, and economic benefits.

This solicitation seeks applications for two technical topic areas of interest:

  • Topic Area 1: Innovative Manufacturing Processes
    • 1A. Reactions and Separations
    • 1B. High-temperature Processing
    • 1C. Waste Heat Minimization and Recovery
    • 1D. Sustainable Manufacturing
  • Topic Area 2: Innovative Materials
    • 2A. Thermal and Degradation Resistant Materials
    • 2B. Highly-Functional, High-Performance Materials
    • 2C. Lower Cost Materials for Energy Systems

* Letters of Intent were due on September 1, 2011. These applicants must submit Concept Papers by September 22, 2011 in order to be eligible to submit a Full Application by December 7, 2011.

** The Advanced Manufacturing Office (AMO) was formerly known as the Industrial Technologies Program

For more information, see the full solicitation.

Additional Information:

All Application submissions are to be made via the EERE eXCHANGE at

To gain access to the EERE eXCHANGE, the applicant must first register and create an account on the main EERE eXCHANGE site. This account will then allow the user to register for any open EERE FOAs that are currently in eXCHANGE. It is recommended that each organization or business unit, whether acting as a team or a single entity, utilize one account as the appropriate contact information for each submission.

Prior to submitting an Application in response to this Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA), the applicant should:

Contact the FedConnect Help Desk with any questions related to the registration process.

Last updated: 05/18/2012

Funding amounts and schedules are subject to change.