AMO State Activities

Industry is the largest and most diverse energy-consuming sector in the country. Improvements in industrial energy efficiency, and increased use of clean, renewable energy would mean a stronger economy, cleaner environment, and greater energy independence for America. Through the Advanced Manufacturing Office (AMO), DOE is currently working in each state to help industry use energy more efficiently. The following site contains an array of information related to industrial energy use including:

  • statistics on industry within each state
  • economic indicators and a snap shot of industrial energy use in each state
  • links to learn about training opportunities with in a state to help improve industrial energy consumption
  • list of contacts for experts who can provide services and resources to help reduce energy consumption

Click on a link below to view an industry snapshot and AMO activities for a specific state.

In addition, the website lists AMO activities in five categories:

  • State Incentives and Resource Database provides information on almost 2,000 energy saving incentives and resources available for commercial and industrial plant managers. Information is available at the state, county, and municipal level, as well as from utilities and non-profits. To access the database and learn how to reduce energy usage and costs each year, click here.
  • Energy Saving Assessments (ESA) provided by DOE to qualifying organizations through the Better Plants campaign. Read case studies to learn about how these assessments are helping plants save energy and money.
  • Industrial Assessment Centers (IAC) provide eligible small- and medium-sized manufacturers with no-cost, on-site energy assessments to identify potential savings opportunities. A complete collection of all the publicly available assessment and recommendation data is available at the AMO IAC database.
  • Events and Training on large energy-consuming processes such as motors, pumps, process heating, steam systems and fans are offered throughout the year and around the country. View the AMO Training Calendar for a list of local events training session dates.
  • Research and Development (R&D) at labs, universities, nonprofits and companies across the country to develop the efficient equipment of tomorrow. AMO invests in high-risk, high-value research to bring energy and economic solutions to industry. For information on latest advancements, click here.

To view a table that ranks all the states in varying energy categories, click here.