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Bryan Garcia, Connecticut Clean Energy Finance and Investment Authority

Bruce Schlein, Citi

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The mission of the Financing Solutions Working Group for the State and Local Energy Efficiency Action Network (SEE Action) is to provide responsive financing instruments and mechanisms (loans, leases, and power and service agreements) that support widespread adoption of energy efficiency technologies in the United States. The working group recognizes that effective financing is a vital tool that can encourage implementation of energy efficiencies by strengthening the value proposition of investments consumers consider making in energy conservation.

Working Group Scope

The Financing Solutions Working Group has established its primary focus on the residential energy efficiency sector because it:

The working group has established a secondary focus on the commercial sector, which:

Each of the sectors the working group has identified complements recent DOE programmatic efforts (e.g., Better Buildings Grants), the Federal Housing Administration Power Saver program, and other initiatives.

Priority Solutions and Actions

The Financing Solutions Working Group has identified three pillars that frame its proposed approach:

  1. Develop a better understanding of the financing needs of financial institutions and customers
  2. Develop toolkits that include data and analysis for utilities, government entities, and financial institutions interested in supporting financing products for energy efficiency
  3. Develop more robust data on loan performance that will assist utilities, financial institutions, and others in developing and offering financing products for the residential (and commercial) sectors at attractive rates and terms.

Recognizing the broad implications of developing more responsive financing instruments, the Financing Solutions Working Group plans to inform its efforts through interaction with state and local governments, large financing institutions and local lenders, utilities, and state public utility commissions.

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