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Susan Ackerman, Oregon Public Utility Commission

Frank J. Murray Jr., New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (Former)

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The Residential Retrofit Working Group is leading the State and Local Energy Efficiency Action Network's (SEE Action) effort to help state and local entities identify opportunities for achieving all cost-effective residential energy efficiency retrofits. The working group has identified existing barriers that challenge progress toward reaching this goal, which are outlined in the blueprint.

The group will engage in projects that produce actionable recommendations for state and local entities—equipping them with the tools and information they need to improve program design, maximize residential energy savings, and support the development of a thriving home energy upgrade industry that delivers deep energy retrofits through the services of a highly skilled, trained workforce.

Working Group Vision and Path Forward

The Residential Retrofit Working Group envisions a home energy upgrade industry where:

The working group has identified the following as key conditions and components for achieving the above vision:

Roadmap and Analysis

The Residential Retrofit Working Group articulated the above vision and path forward in its Roadmap for the Home Energy Upgrade Market, complete in summer 2011.

The Roadmap also models scenarios that quantify the outcomes of different combinations of energy efficiency policies and programs—with corresponding variations on future funding levels—to illustrate the impacts (positive and negative) on residential retrofit activity.

Priority Areas of Focus

The Residential Retrofit Working Group has identified the following four priorities to serve as its areas of focus for upcoming projects:

  1. Improve Residential Energy Efficiency Program Design
  2. Enable Access to Capital
  3. Increase the Market Value of Home Energy Upgrades
  4. Bolster Energy Efficiency and Policy Support.

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