Missouri Dedicates First Utility-Scale Wind Power Plant

September 24, 2007

A 57-megawatt (MW) wind power plant, the Bluegrass Ridge Wind Farm in northwest Missouri, was dedicated on September 17. It is the first utility-scale wind project in the state and the first wind project to supply power to Associated Electric Cooperative, Inc. (AECI), which provides wholesale power to six regional and 51 local electric cooperative systems in Missouri, northeast Oklahoma, and southeast Iowa.

The facility includes 27 Suzlon 2.1-MW turbines and covers about 10,000 acres in Gentry County, near King City, about 80 miles north of Kansas City, Missouri. The landowners will receive annual lease payments for hosting the turbines. AECI will sell the electricity to the city of Columbia.

About 475 people attended the dedication, including members of Congress, members of electric co-ops, state and local officials, landowners, and developers. The keynote speaker, U.S. Senator Clair McCaskill, said that "Nobody wants to protect the land and the water and the air more than Missouri farmers."

The project was developed by Wind Capital Group, based in St. Louis, and John Deere Wind Energy, based in Johnston, Iowa. The two developers, along with AECI, are also partners in two other projects, the Cow Branch and Conception wind farms in Atchison and Nodaway counties, respectively, in the northwest corner of the state. Those facilities are expected to be completed by the end of this year; the three projects combined will produce 157 MW, enough power for 45,000 homes.

For more information, including photos of the Bluegrass Ridge Wind Farm, see the Wind Capital press release and the September 20 AECI press release.

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