Wind Supplier Aims to Open Mid–Atlantic's First Manufacturing Facility

March 7, 2011

AC~Wind, a wind turbine supply company is announcing it plans to spend at least $10 million retrofitting a plant in Salisbury to construct the 130-foot blades.  This effort would make it the first manufacturer of wind turbine components in the state, according to Lobianco. Company executives estimate the plant could hire more than 200 people to build the blades.  Although no deals have been signed yet, the fiberglass blades could be used for wind turbine projects planned along the Atlantic Outer Continental Shelf, including one area 12 miles east of Ocean City, Md.  MD Gov. Martin O'Malley, a Democrat, is pushing a plan that would mandate state utilities enter into 25-year contracts to buy offshore wind energy.  Last week he testified before the state legislature promoting the effort.  Coupled with the transmission backbone being proposed by the Atlantic Wind Connection, the combined efforts show the first real steps to developing a broader, sustainable offshore wind industry for the region.